Our team

Our team

Our team

Our team are contributed by a number of young and energetic material& machine engineers and sales engineers who has dedicate years in this cutting tools and material field. 

Outthere, nowdays ,many young people want to get a descent and good looking jobs and to make quicky and easy money,such as to be a TicTok network anchor,even to be a property consultant. Few people wants to be a mechanical Engineer due to the noisy work environment and uncompetive incomes.

But we choosed the road that few people taken. We want to do somethings that could makes this field upgrade.

One of our team member&co-founder , Young Liu, a second rich generation, sold his BMW vehicle and luxury mansion to build the tools manufacture line.  He believed cutting tools makes all the foundation of  machine and metal industry. We generation should do somethings to improve this industry.

The strong sences of  mission and obligation gets our team used to learning new concepts and helps us look beyond the cultural differences and focus on technology.

Our team is striving or developing superb performance, most compatible products offering ultimate facileness and porfit  to our distributors and users.

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