• How to visit Chinese suppliers during during Covid-19: What you need to know before you go ?





How to visit Chinese suppliers during during Covid-19: What you need to know before you go ?

How to visit Chinese suppliers during during Covid-19 What you need to know before you go


As the world biggest manufacture base and the largest vendor for tungsten carbide, China is the good place for carbide related commodities ,no matter from tungsten powder to carbide cutting inserts or other tools . Unnumbered factories for carbide products were set up all around China. You can find anything you wanted here. Zhuzhou city which located in the middle south of China,where is called the hometown of tungsten carbide , is the key and have to go destination for many professional cutting tools buyers. Every year, loads of oversea purchasers visit here. Millions carbide products sold to worldwide every year.


When you search for a carbide cutting tools supplier, Zhuzhou factory is your top choose. Then when you make a bulk purchase ,it is essential for you to make a factory audit.

That is a question, how to make a factory audit under the Covid-19 situation?

Here OTOMO team have some tips for you:


1 World epidemic situation instantly tracking map


This is one of the most authoritative sites for real-time data on COVID-19. The advantage is that it is in the form of a map, the redder the worse, so it is very visualized.

Covid-19 situation.png


2 COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map


 This website is made by IATA (International Air Transport Association), based on the Timatic database of the IATA,) to provide passengers with the latest entry regulations for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in the world.


If you must travel internationally,you can find the latest regulations on this website



3 How to enter China



Many buyers now ask how to enter China, what the qualification they should have and what should they do before and entered  China


The authority and update latest notices from the National Immigration Administration are as below:

Chinese policy.png 


If you want to make a visit or factory audit in China ,you can contact [email protected] for help or arrangement without hesitate. Our team would like to help you.


Welcome to China, Welcome to OTOMO. 

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